Friday, July 6, 2012

Beat the Heat With Your Lawn

How is your lawn doing?  When its this hot everything is out under strain.   From fish to farmers the heat affects everything.  The guys over at have tons of  suggestions on what you can do to help your lawn look its best during this heat wave.

Bill and Jeff have established what they call "The Plan" to help your lawn reach it fullest potential all year round.   Their newsletters outline what plans are best for your lawn on a weather specific basis.  Their advice is based on our climate here in the St. Louis region and their advice caters to what type of grass you have growing in your "sward".   If you follow their plan to the letter your lawn will look like the outfield at Busch Stadium in no time.  

The Turf Guys recommend watering your grass early in the morning in what they call a "dew wash" (watering every part of  your grass for two minutes to clean the dew off before you water).  Dew spreads a fungal mycelium that helps spread disease on your lawn.    Below is a picture of what the fungus can do to your lawn.

The other tip that Bill and Jeff provide is if you have a lower temperature grass, like a fescue, then it might be OK to let your grass go dormant during these ultra hot summer days.  Dormancy is part of the natural cycle of grass and watering infrequently could disturb that cycle. Your grass will perk up once this temperature finally breaks.  However if you have been watering all year do not stop now, it could really harm your grass.  They also recommend watering in the morning as opposed to the evening which promotes the spread of fungus. 

The Turf Guys also warn that the temperatures at night are the real issue at this time of year.   If temperatures rise above 80 over night that is when the most damage can be done to your grass as it will actually cook.   According to the Bill and Jeff in 2010 this happened and it killed massive amounts of lawns all over the area.  There is no way to combat this but it is something to watch for. 

These guys really know their stuff when it comes to lawns.  If you give them a look you will not be disappointed.  As always come see us here at Arco Lawn for any and all of your lawncare equipment needs.