Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Engine Smarts: Regular Maintenance Schedule

One truth that every small engine technician knows - and many homeowners don't realize - is that the regular, scheduled maintenance of your machine can eliminate costly breakdowns down the road. Of course, our human nature and tendency to procrastinate often leave us in the latter situation: stuck with a half-mown yard and a smoking lawn mower in the middle of June. 
It's the same problem we have with getting regular physical check-ups when we're feeling good... but just as you don't want a major disease to be the thing that finally gets you to the doctor, wouldn't you much prefer to invest a little money, at your convenience, into preventative maintenance now instead of wait until disaster strikes your lawn mower or weed trimmer? 

The Briggs and Stratton Small Engine Care and Repair Manual suggests this regular maintenance schedule for machines with small engines:

After the first five hours of use
  • Change the oil and filter
After each use
  • Check the oil
  • Remove debris around the muffler
Every 25 hours or every season
  • Change the oil
  • Service the air cleaner assembly
  • Clean the fuel tank and line
  • Clean the carburetor float bowl (if your machine is so equipped)
  • Inspect the rewind (starter) rope for wear
  • Clean the cooling fins on the engine block
  • Remove debris from the blower housing
  • Check engine compression
  • Inspect governor springs and linkages
  • Inspect ignition armature and wires
  • Inspect the muffler
  • Check the valve tappet clearances
  • Replace the spark plug
  • Adjust the carburetor
  • Check the engine mounting nuts/bolts
Every 100 hours or every season
  • Clean the cooling system (clean more often if using under dusty conditions)
  • Change the oil filter, if equipped
  • Decarbonize the cylinder head
Arco Lawn Equipment provides how-to articles, advice, and all information on this website for informational purposes only, and cannot be held liable for damage to self or equipment incurred. Please read your owner's manual, follow all safety instructions, wear proper safety apparel, and never allow children or pets to play in or around lawn equipment. Consult a professional small engine technician if you are unsure about any of the steps involved in power equipment maintenance, use, or repair.  


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