Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Snow is coming!!

Look to the city for the upcoming snow news. This from the latest in St. Louis snow news:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Missouri transportation officials are getting ready for winter.

The state Transportation Department says crews are repairing equipment, building up supplies and testing their procedures for handling winter emergencies. From (KMOV)

If the city is ramping up for snow already shouldn’t we be as well? Snow might be a "maybe" here in STL, but it has already hit the North East with full force! See the article from The Daily Beast,

With snow coming in full swing, snow blowers are FLYING off of the shelves. Toro distribution center has already SOLD OUT of more than half of its models that were made for the year and will not be making anymore. If you are interested in a good snow removal machine, check out the Power Clear 418.


This machine has been a power house here in St. Louis and is at a great price point.

Do you already have your snow removal equipment, but it may need a bit of tune up? There are many ways to address your machine to get it in tip top shape. Here is a short list of things to check:

* Having trouble with your snow blower removing snow without tilting the machine up slightly? Check your scraper bar on the bottom of the machine to ensure that it is not worn out. Also, the rubber paddles on the single stage snow blower wear out and may need replacing.

* Having trouble starting your machine after it has sat all year long? Check to see if you have old fuel in the machine from last year. If so, you may need to drain the old fuel and start with fresh. If this does not work it is possible that the carburetor in the machine may have a buildup of varnish or that your carburetor inlet seat is damaged from sitting. Either way, a fuel system repair may be inevitable. If this is the case, purchase a carburetor repair kit, or take it in to your local dealer and they can get it up and running for you.

Looking for an easy way to eliminate ice on the walkways? We suggest using an Ice melt product rather than just a sodium chloride. Something with a tri-mix is preferable in order to do the best job with the least amount of lawn damage or tracking into the house. ICE MELT or STORMBUSTER are two great products for this, which can be purchased now at Arco Lawn Equipment.

As always, thanks for reading and if you need to purchase snow blower parts check out this great listing on Ebay for Toro kits! Other great values and parts available on our website.

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  1. I really need to find a shop that rents snow blowers! I just moved to Utah and don't own one yet. I'm super nervous for winter! I have no idea what to do! http://www.burrisequipment.com/rental.php